Cooperating Agent’s Registration of Client

I agree and understand that Vogt Builders, Inc. will pay a real estate commission of 2.25% of the contract price of a home, when the following conditions are met and if the following representations are true;
  1. A sales contract must be entered into between the registered client and Vogt Builders, Inc. within 30 days from the above date.
  2. I have personally introduced the registered client to a Vogt Builders, Inc. representative on the above date, which is the client’s first visit to the sales center.
  3. The registered client or the client’s immediate family has not had any contact with a representative, principal or employee of Vogt Builders, Inc. nor has the client or the client’s immediate family been to a Vogt Builders, Inc. subdivision now under. development prior to the above date of this registration.
  4. This registration is valid only when signed by a representative of Vogt Builders, Inc.
  5. I am a real estate broker or real estate agent currently licensed in the state of Illinois to sell real estate.
  6. The contract, color selections, earnest money deposit, closing and all other related matters will be handled by the Vogt Builders, Inc. representative.

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